Zinc Flake Coating Program

After 30 years being involved in the zinc flake business as a job coaters,  we developed our own brand: Laurencoat®. A whole line with top raw materials and started a Worldwide Licensing Program. It works the following way:





We give our Partner recipes, suppliers and all is needed to manufacture the coating in their own facility. We give support also to their customers in dealing with application issues. In return we get a % of sales royalty.


Solvent Based base coat: Laurencoat® 565

– Resistance 480 hours s/s with two layers (8-10 microns)
– Chrome Free
– Curing temperature 280º C


Solvent Based top coat: Laurencoat® 787 air dry

– Resistance 1000 hours s/s with one layer
– Over plating and organic coating
– Curing temperature : air dry
– Chrome Free


Black solvent based top coat: Laurencoat® Black

– Over zinc plating and zinc alloy
– 240 hs s/s; 720 hs s/s
– Curing: air dry
– Chrome free


Water Based base coat: Laurencoat 560

– Resistance 480 hours s/s with two layers
– Chrome Free
– Curing temperature 320º C


Water based top coat: Sealer E29

– Resistance 800 hours s/s one layer
– Chrome Free
– Curing temperature 170º C


Water Based base coat: Laurencoat® 676

– Resistance 1000 hours s/s with two layers
– Curing temperature 320º C
– Chrome


Laurenblack® Base Coat Dark Grey

– Resistance 480 hour s/s with two layers
– Solvent based
– Chrome free
– Curing temperature: 280°C


If you are interested in this technology and becoming our partner, send us an email and one of our consultants will assist you.