Precote® is an acrylate-based microencapsulated adhesive developed by Omnitechnik of Germany, applied to screws, studs, nuts and other types of fasteners.

The adhesive power remains inactive until the action of adjusting the thread causes the breakage of the microcapsules to begin the cure of the same and subsequent fixing of the parts.



The product can be applied in all types of surface treatment of screws, studs, nuts as well as in different materials such as brass, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum etc.

The threads covered with this adhesive develop locking actions in plastics, wood, metal etc. The product not only acts as a block preventing the mismatch by vibrations, but also seals thus preventing the leakage of oils, gases or liquids that may be present.


It comes in two versions to cover the different friction coefficient and temperature ranges, to which the applied fasteners will be subjected. There is also only the Precote® 5 (white) sealing system.

Precote® 80 (red)

It begins to develop its locking power at room temperature, achieving 100% at 24 Hs of assembly. At a temperature of 70 ° C the adhesive is cured completely in 15 minutes. This product can be used continuously at temperatures up to 170ºC. Coefficient of friction (0.25 – 0.28)


Precote® 85 (turquoise)

It uses the same microencapsulation technology as Precote® 80, but was developed to operate with a controlled coefficient of friction (0.10 – 0.15).

These adhesives are of the chemical type and unlike the mechanical systems do not have reusability after dismantling.


• Condition when applying on thread
• Chemical resistance
• Minimum cure temperature
• Installation torque for M-10 (prevalent)
• Break torque for M-10 (break-away)
• Removal torque for M-10 (break-loose)
• Usage temperature range
• High pressure sealing (sealing)
• Lifespan (Shelf life)
• Dry to the touch
• Excellent
• -20 ºC
• 0.3 – 0.5 N.m
• 20 N.m
• > 1.2 N.m
• -50 to 170 ºC
• Minimum 5800 psi (400 BAR)
• 4 years

• GM 6193M
• GM 6175M
• GM 6194M
• IFI 525
• IFI 125
• MIL-S-46163
• DIN 267 part 27
• OPEL 00151
• PEUGEOT B-141230
• Mercedes Benz DBL-8830
• Renault 39.020-10 CAT1
• Bendix BW-291-P
• Scania STD-518447
• VW-60105
• Ford ES-20007 S-100
• Ford ESE-M4G208-A2 / WX201 / WX200
• Ford WSS-M18P12-A / WSS-M11P45-A1