It is an exclusive technology developed by Nylok® Corporation. It consists of the application of a nylon patch on a certain area of a screw, making it self-locking and having sealing properties.

Due to the “elastic memory” of the NYLOK® patch, the screws can be assembled and disassembled several times without their locking properties being significantly reduced.


• It allows its reusability, without noticeable variation in its torque properties, after being assembled and disassembled several times.
• The locking is effective in any position, therefore its application is ideal for adjusting crews.
• The patch adds sealing properties to the joint, thus preventing the leakage and/or entry of liquids and/or gases up to a pressure of 6 bar (for this use it is recommended to be applied at a 360º angle).
• The patch can be applied to different torque specifications, thus offering great flexibility in performance, since variations can be made in the application angle or in the number of fillets to be covered, in standard version the application angle it covers 180º and the length of the patch is of a diameter (approximately).
•It applies to all types of metals (including stainless, light alloys, brass, etc.), as well as nuts and bolts with surface treatments.
• High resistance to temperature, minimum 120º and usually up to 160º.
• It is resistant to a large number of chemical products, it does not dry, it does not decompose, it does not contract and it can be stored indefinitely.
• It is not toxic and does not have risks for the personnel that carries out the armed operations. In this way, it has significant advantages compared to other types of obstacles that must be applied “in the line” at the time of assembly.

• Ford WA 970
• DIN 268 Part 28
• General Motors GM 6189-M
• IFI 124 – IFI 524
• Chrysler PF-6158
• Renault 3902010 Cat. 5
• MIL F 18240