Laurenblack® Base Dark Grey is a solvent base coating with combinations of zinc and aluminum flakes. The metal particles and reactive resins react on steel base material to form an adhesive bonding. The coating is applied by cold process on to the metal parts by dip spin or spray applications.

During baking a conductive zinc aluminum layer is formed providing sacrificial protection to the steel.

The typical curing temperature for the solvent based products is approx. 230 °C preventing the softening of the hardened steel parts.

The coating is Cr(VI)-free and provides corrosion resistance values about 480 Hs Hs to base metal corrosion ASTM B 117.

Laurenblack® Base Dark Grey can be combined with inorganic and organic top coats for highest corrosion protection with multipurpose uses.

Laurenblack® Top Coat

It is a black organic top coat with incorporated lubrication for coefficient of friction adjustments in threaded parts. It is applied by dip-spin or spray and is Air Dry curing.

It has a resistance to corrosion up to 720 Hs of ASTM B-1117 salt spray with thicknesses of 6 to 20 microns.

It can be applied on different bases: zinc phosphate,  electrolytic zinc, or zinc-nickel alloy and cured at room temperature.

• ASTM F-3393