Zinc – Aluminium Flake water base coat technology

Laurencoat® 560 is a water base zinc and aluminum flakes micro layer corrosion protection made without hexavalent chromium as passivating.

The coating is applied by cold process onto the metal parts by Dip Spin or Spray applications. Laurencoat® 560 coating looks like silver grey metallic in appearance.

The typical curing temperature for the water based products is approx. 320°C.

The coating provides corrosion resistance values from 720 Hs to over 2,000 Hs to base metal corrosion ASTM B 117.

The coating is made up of Zinc-Aluminum flakes and Minerals that control the penetrative speed between substrate and moisture or oxygen.

The coating has self repairing and sacrificial behavior.


• Water base process.
• Bright gray color.
• Low thickness from 5-12 microns.
• Occluded hydrogen embrittlement absence.


  • ASTM F 1136
  • ASTM F-3393
  • EN / ISO 10683
  • EN 13858