Chousa S.R.L is committed to business management focused on people, that protect the life, physical integrity, and health of workers and contractor companies, as well as that of other people who are in the environment of their operations.

Similarly, it undertakes to respect the environment and seek continuous improvement in this area.

To do this, each of its work centers, current, and future, will develop its management based on the following commitments:

  • Maintain a visible, effective and permanent leadership in matters of safety, occupational health and environmental management, as part of the responsibility for their activities.
  • Comply with current legislation at the national, provincial and municipal standards in matters of safety, occupational health, and the environment.
  • Maintain safety, occupational health and environmental systems, effectively integrated into daily and usual management, within a framework of preventive action and continuous improvement.
  • Ensure that no production goal justifies that a worker is exposed to uncontrolled risks.
  • Identify, evaluate and control the hazards, risks, aspects, and impacts of their activities, which affect safety, health and the environment.
  • Demand responsible behavior in matters of safety, occupational health, and environment to contractor companies.
  • Maintain reliable, clear and timely communication and information with your workers, contractors, and suppliers.
  • Train staff in accident prevention, safety, and occupational health.
  • Reduce or eliminate the generation of waste, acting preferably at its origin, ensuring its reuse or recycling and the environmentally safe disposal of its final waste.
  • Disseminate and promote the commitments of this Policy among its workers, contractors, suppliers, and customers.