It is a double coating chromium-free (hexavalent and trivalent) that combines an inorganic zinc flake base coat with an organic top coat of high aluminum content. Being a non-electrolytic process there is no risk of hydrogen occlusion in high hardness steels.


  • The basecoat promotes sacrificial protection of iron and steel, and the topcoat creates a barrier against corrosion.
  • This coating has a built-in coefficient of friction modifying agent which provides the elimination of the need for application of subsequent sealers. This agent provides better repeatability in the torque / tension relationship in automated assembly.
  • It has a better resistance to weathering corrosion compared to other similar treatments, it was developed to be used in screw, nuts, springs, stamped parts, etc. and can be applied by dip-spin centrifuge, dip-drainor spray.
  • Until 1000 HS without red corrosion according to ASTM B117.
  • The treatment is heat-cured at 250ºC and this low temperature does not generate a risk of tempering in tempered parts.
  • There is also the possibility of applying it on a base of electrolytic zinc plating.
  • ASTM F-3393