The Management of Chousa S.R.L. assumes the commitment to the development at all levels of your Organization, of a Quality Management System that is maintained over time promoting continuous improvement.

To do this:

  1. It prioritizes satisfying the needs and expectations of its stakeholders through the quality of the service offered.
  2. It stimulates research and development for the application of new products, seeking to improve the performance of services and safeguard the safety of the environment.
  3. It is committed to continuously improving the internal processes of the company, in order to maximize their effectiveness and finally that of the services offered to lead the market for surface treatments and fixings.
  4. It constantly trains and develops its personnel to promote teamwork and achieve the established objectives.
  5. Certifies the quality of its services through management of the entire quality management system.

MC-7.5 – Annexed I, Rev. D