About Us


Chousa SRL was born in 1958 with the aim of meeting the demand for treatments against corrosion of metal parts.

In our beginnings we used electrolytic systems serving the high growth automotive market at that time.

Over time, we incorporated other coatings technologies such as zinc flake and self-locking patches in order to add value to our customers’ products. This know-how and the technological leadership of the automotive industry allowed us to access other industries such as wind power, solar, oil, agriculture, water, with novel products.

Our goal is to offer your company a coating that fits the needs of your product, regarding all issues that affect it; mechanical, environmental and products to which it is exposed.

We write the story every day.


  1. We prioritize customer satisfaction through the quality of our services.
  2. We stimulate research and development and add new technologies that improve the performance of services and safeguard the safety of our personnel and the environment.
  3. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our services to lead the market of surface treatments and fixings.
  4. We train and constantly develop our personnel to promote teamwork and achieve the objectives set.
  5. We share with our suppliers the quality policy.
  6. We certify the quality of our services through a management of the entire quality system.


Meet the expectations of our customers, through a commitment and attention to the requirements and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality System.

The Company has its own analysis and testing laboratory, in addition to a quality system that attends all the stages of the processes, beginning with the control of the received raw materials, continuing with the production process in its stages and ending with the final product. In this way a high degree of reliability is guaranteed, fulfilling the requirements specified by the clients.